Tournament regulations

The 1st Wroclaw Open Championships in Shogi will be held on June 28, 2014 in Wroclaw, Poland.


I Wroclaw Open Championships in Shogi

The organizer of the tournament is Polish Shogi Association & NAMI Polish-Japan Friendship Foundation

1. The tournament will be held on 28 of June 2014 in site of Polish-Japan Friendship Foundation Energetyczna street 14, Wroclaw, and starts from 12.00 a.m.

2. The tournament is played Swiss system (or round-robin less than 7 participants), 5 rounds.

3. Players can not propose and agree on a draw, and in the case of a tie according to the general principles the game is repeated with the remaining time to think and added five minutes.

4. The results is determined by number of points with the classification :
1 / middle Bucholz
2 / full Bucholz
3 / progression
4 / directly result
or in a round robin tournament
1 / directly result
2 / Berger,

5. Rate 20 min + 40 sec. byo-yomi for each player.

6. Applications for the tournament must be made
1 / e-mail address -
2 / before the tournament - close the list of participants in the place 11.50 a.m.

7. The entrance fee is 10 zł.

8. The equipment provided by the organizer.

9. Starting list is determined by the ranking of FESA, and for unrated assumed to be 0 points.

10. Awards: The cup for winner and small gifts for other

11. Designated by the organizer of the person interprets the rules, announced before the start of the first round of the detailed rules of the game differ from generally accepted, watches over the course of the tournament, performs matching and settle disputes.

12. The tournament will be submitted for rating FESA.

13. Contact and information:
Mariusz Stanaszek (+48) 693-646-823,
Krzysztof Sieja (+48) 695-030-487,