European Youth Shogi Championship 2017

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Group photo of the youth players and (some) older colleagues. Fot. Maciej Pogorzelski

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The first European Youth Shogi Championship was held in Wrocław on 21-23.07.2017.  It has attracted 42 youth players from four countries: Belarus, Germany, Poland and Russia. The open tournament (consisting of coaches, parents and everyone else) had 22 participants.

The best youth players in Europe. Fot. Maciej Pogorzelski

The youth players were divided into four categories: U9, U12, U15 and U18. The results were as follows:

U9 (12 participants)

  1. Pavel Zhuravlev (BLR)
  2. Jan-Lukas Engelmann (GER)
  3. Dmitry Chernashevich (BLR)

U12 (11 participants)

  1. Denis Titov (RUS)
  2. Matvey Degtyar (BLR)
  3.  Kai Bruegmann (GER)

U15 (11 participants)

  1. Ivan Martsev (BLR)
  2. Eric Klein (GER)
  3. Alexey Lavrinovich (BLR)

U18 (8 participants)

  1. Adam Wozniak (POL)
  2. Maxim Shaparov (BLR)
  3. Karol Stanclik (POL)

There was also an open tournament with 22 participants, with the following results:

  1. Uladislau Zakrzheuski (BLR)
  2. Sergei Lysenka (BLR)
  3. Adam Dziwoki (POL)

Many players have been promoted after the tournament, the rating calculations can be found on the FESA website:

The tournament has been sponsored by Makoto TOBE 7-dan, Madoka KITAO joryuu 2-dan and Yuji NOGUCHI who provided books, autographs and various toys for the young players. Thank you very much.

Photos & videos

The first day (Dobutsu shogi and team tournament) - photo gallery by the NAMI Foundation on Facebook

The main tournament - photo gallery by the NAMI Foundation on Facebook

A photo gallery by Andrei Lysenka

An excellent video summary of the tournament produced by the team at the Minsk Shogi Dojo

About the Championships

The first European Youth Shogi Championship will be held in Wrocław, on 21-23.07.2017

Organizers: Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI & Polish Shogi Association,
Federation of European Shogi Associations (FESA).

  • Tournament director: Mariusz Stanaszek <>
  • Coordination: Wojciech Jedynak <>
  • Sponsors: Maciej Pogorzelski <>
  • 21st of July (Friday) - side events (tentative ideas: team tournament, Dobutsu shogi tournament, workshops)
  • 22-23rd of July (Saturday-Sunday) - main tournament, side tournament

The main tournament will be available to European youth players 18 years old and younger (i.e. born in 1999 or later).

The side tournament will be be held simultaneously with the main tournament and will be open to everyone.


Politechnika Wrocławska | Budynek C13
(Wrocław University of Technology, building C-13)
Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego Street 23/25, 50-370 Wrocław


0. The main event of the 1st European Youth Shogi Championships (EYSC) is open to all European citizens born in 1999 or later.

The youth players will be divided into 4 groups:
U9 - born in 2008 or later,
U12 - born in 2005 or later,
U15 - born in 2002 or later,
U18 - born in 1999 or later.

Each player choose only one group to play.

1. Each groups plays a separate tournament. The winner of each respective tournament is named the {U9, U12, U15, U18} European Champion of 2017. Apart from the titles, an award will be given to every best 18 years old player, best 17 years old player etc up to 7 years old. If younger players register, the list may be extended for even younger players.

2. The tournament will be held using an 8 round Swiss system. In case the number of players is too small, then the tournament Arbiter may decide to use a round-robin or a double round-robin system instead.

3. Time control: 20 min + 40 byo-yomi

4. The games will be rated for FESA Ranking List.

5. The tournaments will be played on Saturday (22.07.2017) from 11:00
(4 rounds) and on Sunday (23.07.2017) from 10:00 (4 rounds).

6. The entry fee for the tournament will be 15 euro or 60 Polish Złotys. In case of multiple participants of the same family, the first
participant pays 15 euro and his siblings pay 5 euro. So a family with 3 children pays 25 (=15 + 5 + 5) euro.

7. The registration will start on 01.05.2017 and will close on 09.07.2017. The organizers may allow late registrations until 20.07.2017 but in that case it's possible that the participant will not receive dedicated tournament gadgets etc.

8. Simultaneously with the Youth Tournaments an open-for-all side tournament will be held (8 round, rate 20’ + 40” byo-yomi). The entry fee will be 5 euro or 20 Polish Zlotys.

Downloadable regulations in PDF

List of registered players

Group U9

Group U12

Group U15

Group U18
To register, please use the above links or contact either Mariusz Stanaszek or Wojciech Jedynak (contact info above).

For the registration we would like to have the following information:
  1. Name & Surname
  2. Name & Surname of one parent
  3. Full date the birth
  4. Rating & grade
  5. Gender
  6. E-mail


You can download the schedule in PDF from here

Friday 21.07

14:00 -14:15 Unofficial Opening
14:15 -16:00 Integrational Dobutsu shogi tournament
16:00 -19:00 Team tournament

Satuday 22.07

11:00-12:00 Registration, confirmation of the list of players
12:00-12:15 Official Opening Ceremony
12:30-13:30 1st round
13:30-14:30 2nd round
14:30-15:30 dinner break
16:00-17:00 3rd round
17:00-18:00 4th round

Sunday 23.07

10:00-11:00 5th round
12:00-13:00 6th round
13:00-14:00 dinner break
14:00-15:00 7th round
15:00-16:00 8th round
16:30-17:00 Prize-giving ceremony
Wojciech Jedynak,
14 maj 2017, 12:56
Wojciech Jedynak,
11 lip 2017, 03:17