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Shogi in Wrocław, Shogi in Poland

Our team consists of

In our organizing committee, we have both experienced organizers, who have been organizing shogi events for a long time (Mariusz Stanaszek, organized the 2012 ESC/WOSC in Cracow and has been organizing the Cracovia Shogi Open for years) and the fresh blood -- shogi instructors and event organizers from Wrocław (Wojciech Jedynak and Krzysztof Sieja, organized many shogi and Dobutsu shogi events in 2014 and 2015). What is more, we are supported by NAMI members, who have been co-organizing not only shogi events, but also big scale Kendo and Iaido tournaments, workshops etc.

Our team has co-organized various shogi events together (look below for the two of our latest ones), but our aim is to go bigger and bigger.

Polish Shogi players present in Prague, ESC 2015

Intenstive shogi practices and camps before Prague (08.2015)

Junior players from Cracow and Warsaw

Junior and senior players from Wrocław

Wrocław, the European Capital of Culture of 2016

In 2016, Wrocław, together with San Sebastian (Spain), will be the European Capital of Culture. Because of this, many, many cultural events will be held in Wrocław and the city will be even more lively than ever. The local organizers, the Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI, will cooperate with various Japanese artists and we will hold events such as rakugo (Japanese storytelling), many theatrical performances (e.g. the Tree of Fukushima), a Japanese Martial Arts Festival called NAMI Budo Matsuri 2016. To take advantage of this unique opportunity, we also wish to organize a big shogi event, namely a Shogi Festival 2016 combined with the 2016 European Shogi Championships. Our sponsors for 2016 are:

More information about the Wrocław 2016 project:

The venue for ESC 2016

Bar Barbara - located in the very center of Wrocław, convenient connections to the main train station, to the bus station, and to the airport.

Our latest big shogi events in Wrocław

1. The Shogi Festival combined with the Open Polish Championships (04-07.06.2015) with Madoka Kitao (Ladies 2-dan pro)

We have organized a 4-day long Shogi Festival, which has attracted 36 players from all over the Europe. We had many, many events:

  • Simultaneous teaching games with Madoka Kitao
  • Dobutsu shogi tournament
  • A soroban (Japanese abacus) workshop by Chie Ishikawa
  • Kendo workshop by the Wrocław Kendo Club 竜心会 (Ryushinkai)
  • A friendly soccer tournament (two Polish teams and a combined Ukrainian-Belarus team)
  • Blitz tournament
  • Team tournaments
  • A workshop for shogi instructors on teaching shogi by Madoka Kitao
  • A 7-round Open Polish Shogi Championship combined with the Polish Shogi Championship

English website:

We will have an even richer program in 2016!

2. Karolina Styczyńska 3-kyu at our shogi Workshop (16.08.2015)

On 16th August 2015, Karolina Styczyńska has kindly visited Wrocław to do a shogi event together with us. Karolina started with a lecture on her adventures with shogi, her life in Japan and her successes. Then she played simultaneous games with Wrocław shogi players.

The event was covered in local media:

Sightseeing in Wrocław

Wrocław is a great city to visit and we can only present a few of the iconic places and monuments here. For more, please check sites such as and

The Old City Hall and the City Center

The Old City Hall - the most common meeting spot in Wrocław (located within 200 meters from the Venue)

For more picture, see

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wrocław

One of the most magical places in Wrocław, you can never get enough of it, no matter how many times you visit it! Read more about it at Wikipedia.

For more great pictures, see

The National Museum

Read all about at,_Wroc%C5%82aw

More pictures available at

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

A a monumental (15 × 114 meter) cycloramic painting depicting the Battle of Racławice, during the Kościuszko Uprising. You can get a look at the paiting at the official site.

You can read more at Wikipedia and also don't forget to look at the pictures at

Centennial Hall, Wrocław ZOO, the Japanese Garden, Pergola and the Multimedia Fountain

The building and surroundings are frequently visited by tourists and the local populace.  As an early landmark of reinforced concrete architecture, the building became one of Poland's official national Historic Monuments, as designated April 20, 2005, together with the Four Domes Pavilion, the Pergola, and the Iglica. Its listing is maintained by the National Heritage Board of Poland. It was also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. Read more at Wikipedia.

More pictures of the Japanese Garden.

Let's play shogi in Wrocław in 2016!